In 2005 Michael Wegerer, Muzak and Karoline Riha established Qubik - a glass cube in the pedestrian area of Wr. Neustadt as an experimental open source and art-space, where ideas could be developed, discussed and shown in public space.

In 2009 the Qubik exhibition space was torn down by the city government with the argument, that it doesn´t fit the townscape.

Between 2005 and 2009 the Qubik exhibitionspace was played on various ideas of different national and international artists on a monthly basis, questioning relationships between art space and public space, economy and politics, art production and reception, in group and solo acts and shows.


For more information on Qubik visit the website: www.qubik.info


Qubik Installation 23 Qubik Installation 23

work in progress / Qubik Installation # 23 2008