Security Checked


Exhibition views SGC International 2011








On March 13th 2011 printed styrofoam panels were send by airplane to the United States for an exhibition, accompanied by the artist boarding the very same plane.
The dimensions of the parcel were 100cm x 50cm x 50cm. The parcel was labelled `Fragile´ and `Printed matter - No commercial Value´.
After being scanned twice in Vienna and London without any result of conspicuousness, the parcel was held up by customs upon arrival in Chicago.
The artist was questioned in detail regarding the content of the parcel, the intentions of the artists visit and the circumstances of the presented invitation.
After further explanations regarding the weird lightness of the parcel and continuos reassurance by the artist, that the parcel would return to the departing country and not remain in the states, the artist was allowed to enter and to board the connecting flight.
The parcel however was scanned one more time showing no suspicious content and upon assumption by the homeland security office, that the content of the parcel nevertheless might be of great danger to the american public and that previous scans made in Europe are not to be trusted, the parcel was cut and torn open, resulting in partial destruction of the initial printed styrofoam artworks.
During the exhibition the destroyed pieces were shown piled up on the floor in the center of the exhibition space wrapped with tape stating ´homeland security inspected´.
Some of the pieces that survived the "unwrapping" process were mounted as initially intended.

Returning to the country of departure, the artist started to rework images taken during the time in Chicago and St. Louis and to wrap them into printed styrofoam panels to be send to other countries.
Those multiples are produced using commercial and artistic printmaking processes and material. They are fast food for the exhibition context.