Uncertain Conditions

Muzak & Riha / participatory artproject



Uncertain Conditions #1 :: Auflösung der Verhältnisse

Uncertain Conditions #2 :: Ohne sicheren Grund

Uncertain Conditions #3 :: Pop-up Studio and Image research base

Uncertain Conditions #4 :: Reprinting Madeleine

Uncertain Conditions #5 :: Afterimages


In the cycle of projects "Uncertain Conditions", the artists MUZAK and Karoline Riha venture into search of the unknown image beyond the known images that surround us on a daily base. Uncertain Conditions opens up spaces, where visible intervenes with the unknown, the invisible. Where the ready image is repeatedly replaced by itself - a discursive space where maker and viewer meet and supersede each other in search of "The Image".
The Project aims to explore the borders of relationship between producer and product, maker and viewer, artist and recipient.