MuKaTo - Project




A participatory project initiated 2008 by the artists Muzak, Karoline Riha and Thomas Renoldner.

In different Set-Ups and in collaboration with other artists, filmmakers, various communities and as in course of the Clang:Bilder series (initially in cooperation with Robert Crow), with contemporary composers and musicians.

Strategies of image production are investigated through reinvention and restructuring imagery apart from art historical, theoretical and pop-cultural constraints, by means of moving imagery and animation. Resulting works are shown, nationaly and internationaly, within exhibition and festival context. Within the projects, prozess and product are equally valued, in a sense the projects offer a plattform for ideas on the basis of personal experiences, where borders between producer and viewer, authorship, artist and spectator are crossed over, and the media functions as navigator of ideas.


MuKaTo On The Road

MuKaTo Films

link :: mukatochannel


Since the start of the project MuKaTo has cooperated with following musicians:

Elisabeth Flunger (2017), Franz Koglmann (2016), Maja Osojnik / Rdeca Raketa (2016), Pia Palme (2016), Wolfgang Mitterer (2015), Suzanna Gartmayer / Möström / Broken Heart Collector / Gemüseorchester (2015), Heike Kaltenbrunner (2015), Catch Pop String Strong (2014), Mnozil Bras (2013), Hannes Loeschl und Phil Minton (2013), Leo Riegler (2013), Angelica Castello und Burkhard Stangl (2012), Attwenger (2012), Robert Crow (2012 / 2008), Karlheinz Essl (2012), Matthias Rüegg and Vienna Art Orchestra (2011), Katharina Klement (2011), Bruno Pisek (2011), Judith Unterpertinger (2010), Christoph Dienz (2010), Eva Reiter (2010), Hüseyin Evigren (2010), Fritz Hauser (2009 Kooperation mit Festspielhaus St. Pölten), Bauchklang (2009 Kooperation mit Festspielhaus St. Pölten), Philip Quehenberger (2009), Ming Wang (2009), Andi Haller (2009), Andrea Sodomka (2009), Martin Zrost (2008), Christian Diendorfer (2008), Cordula Bösze (2008), Christian Muthspiel (2008).

MuKato has invited following filmmakers / artists to participate:

Peter Millard (Filmmaker) London, Jean-Luc Slock (Producer) Camera Etc./ Belgien, Karen Miralles (Filmmaker) Labo d´Anim/ Frankreich, Andrea Martignioni (Musician) Ottomani Laboratori/ Italien, Robert Paganelli (Filmmaker) Ottomani Laboratori/ Italien, Hanna Repse (Filmmaker/ Curator) Enimation/ Slowenien, Anna-Karin Holtz (Filmmaker) Schweden, Hanna Andersson (Filmmaker) Schweden ,Frida Lindberg (Filmmaker) Schweden, Laura Gines (Filmmaker) Spain

works where screened at:

Vienna Independent Shortfilmfestival / Austria, Olympia Filmfestival/ Camera Zizanio / Greece, Enimation Filmfestival/ Slowenia, FESA Filmfestival/ Serbia, BAB Filmfestival/ Bratislva/ Slowakia, mla:connect Filmfestival/ MQ Vienna, Metro Kino/ Vienna, Urania Kino/ Vienna, Ars Electronica / Austria, FKX Medienfestival Stuttgard/ Germany, SNAP Internationales Symposium Bentlage/ Germany, Galerie BlauGelbe Zwettel/ NÖ, Museum Sammlung Essl/ NÖ, MuKaTo Channel

projects realized in:

Slovakia, Vienna, Lower Austria and Germany


In 2015 the project was awarded, by the BKA, with "Prämie für Innovative Kulturarbeit" / "Prize for innovative Cultural Practice" in course of the Outstanding Artist Awards 2015.