.....the nice thing about artistic explorations is, that it can follow the absurdest of ideas....

Karoline Riha is a visual artist, working with collages in the field of moving imagery and expanded print, using strategies of artistic collaboration, participation and community-based art-production, to create multi-media sets and szenarios. In her work she combines the digital with the analoge, exploring the politics of the everyday through visual networking processes, narrative structures and the surrounding as a basis of action. Within her interdisciplinary projects, questions of art production and interaction are raised.




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KarolineRIha_CyclingTheWall Now


KarolineRiha_devices KarolineRiha_SonificationOfBread


KarolineRiha_Objektzustände KarolineRiha_drawings


KArolineRiha_ArtForHumbleBoxesAndWhereToStoreThem_ArtEmbassy KarolineRiha_printedMatter