The work is based on childhood memories from Iraq, investigating, whether an image or object can actually show or express complex political and social connections. Realized in 2007 as part of the symposia "Bagdad in Love".

Press Release (english / deutsch)



Little Melody

Little Melodie for Bagdad / A 2007 / 4:3 stereo / 03:18 (composition to be played on gun cartridges)



exhibition view

installational spacial graphic @ Flener´s Art Loft Gallery, Vienna 2010



daily shopping 1001 drawings

"1001 drawings of things that don´t exist anymore" / after 1001 arabian nights
"My daily shopping" / 5700 pressed paper gun cartridges



My little Archive

"My Little Archive"



exhibition view Heiligenkreuzerhof

show @ Heiligenkreuzerhof, Vienna 2009



Sunday Afternoon

Sunday Afternoon / A 2008 / 4:3 silent / loop (with a Clay-object made by Murod)